The following scores are for sale through the contact page of the website. You can preview the first parts of the scores by clicking them in the list below.

  1. Ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen… text Rainer Maria Rilke; Opus 9 number 5.

  2. The Voice text Alfred Mills Sept 1917; Opus 10 number 4

  3. 3 Rilke songs: ‘Der Panther’, ‘Die Flamingos’, ‘Papagaien-Park’ text Rainer Maria Rilke; Opus 10 number 6

  4. Er was eens, for mixed choir (SATB) and piano text Peter Verhelst; Opus 11 number 3

  5. Er was eens, for female choir (SSA) and piano text Peter Verhelst; Opus 11 number 3

  6. The Spirits of the dead, for mixed choir (SATB) and bariton solo, text Edgar Allen Poe; Opus 12 nr 1

  7. Agnus Dei, for mixed choir (SATB) Opus 12 nr 2

  8. 4 Haiku, for female choir (SSA) text Herman van Rompuy; Opus 12 nr 3

  9. Lux Aeterna, for mixed choir (SATB) - version with string orchestra Opus 12 nr 4

  10. Huldegedicht aan Singer, for mixed choir (SATB) - version for female choir Opus 9 nr 1

Only on demand

  1. Stabat Mater, oratorium for mixed choir (SATB), soprano solo, mezzo-soprano solo and orchestra; Opus 10 nr1

  2. Jubilee Psalms, for mixed choirs (SATB) female choir (SSA), childern choir (S), soprano solo, large organ and two trumpets; Opus 10 nr3

The scores are published under the name ‘Buromat Scores’. The name is a tribute to my parents as Buromat refers to the name of the shop for school supplies that my parents owned and operated. Photo is +/-1955 with my father on the doorstep!