Cordes & Cuivres

Year of release: 2021

Track info

This new CD contains chamber music for a classical wind quintet, a string quartet and a piano trio (piano, violin and saxophone).

  • The wind quintet “Rik Wouters suite”. This idea originated visiting the Rik Wouters’ retrospective exhibition in Brussels in 2017. I was struck by the optimism of the works and their colours. The radiant light in Wouters' works is reflected in the lightness of the music. The music expands on the fin-du-siècle classical wind quintet, resulting in a lush and voluptuous musical language. I chose three paintings and two sculptures (“Het zotte geweld" is of course one of them!).
  • In four movements, the string quartet explores extremes of emotions, sometimes overwhelming and exuberant, sometimes fragile, but always sensitive.
  • The playful "the 4 seasons, what again !!" is an evocation on the four seasons. Title and subtitles reveal the way these works should be approached and performed: with a lot of panache as if it was a comic strip.