Kaleidoscope of music by Stefaan Vanheertum

Enjoy a unique concert on Sunday November 25, 2018 (5 pm) in the picturesque church of Melsen (in the Flemish Ardennes, South of Ghent ) .

The concert program includes 3 works, including two world premieres. The music will have been recorded at the same location, on 24 and 25 November, for future CD release. The musicians bring the works in a beautiful afternoon concert that Sunday.


-       3 songs (variations) on text and melody by Clemens non papa (composed in 2011)

At the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of this composer, there was an initiative to have his Souterliedekens (psalms in the Dutch language, he wrote about 150 pieces) adapted by contemporary Flemish composers. I have put three melodies in a renaissance setting with a contemporary touch and in different variations. The melodies always remain unchanged, the other voices (or instruments) are circling around it and the whole is accompanied by ad libitum percussion.
voices: Els Wollaert, Hadewich De Meester, An Sofie Noppe, Arne Gunst, Wouter Van De Ginste
instruments: Wouter Laga, Werner Mareels, Leendert Hemeryck


-     "The voice" for mixed choir and soprano solo; text Alfred Mills (composed in 2014)

"The Voice" is a war poem, written by Alfred Mills in the Ypres trenches in September 1917. The poem tells the story of a soldier in battle who thinks about his loved ones (and thus tries to escape the reality of war he is facing). ‘The voice' (his beloved wife) encourages him not to give up. But in the middle of the poem the story tumbles as it becomes clear that the soldier will die and doubt arises who ‘the voice’ really is. The descending chromatic line of the soprano solo when singing "I'll always hold your hand" is both compelling and fatalistic. Is ‘the Voice’ his beloved or ... death that holds his hand?

Chamber choir Koriolis, soprano solo Jolien De Gendt, percussion Leendert Hemeryck


Rik Wouters Suite; wind quintet (composed in 2017-18)

The Rik Wouters suite for classic wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon) is based on 5 works by painter-sculptor Rik Wouters. It was at the Retrospective Rik Wouters exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2017 that I became fascinated by this painter / sculptor. And thus, the idea arose to make a suite around Rik Wouter's work. It became a classic quintet setting and the music has a colorful 'luxury, calme and volupté' signature.

Flute: Tille Van Gastel, Oboe: Eva Debruyne, Clarinet: Lotte Van Gastel, Horn: Thomas Gustin, Bassoon: Melina Costa


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The Stabat Mater CD is now available

The Stabat Mater uses the Latin text but projects it to the present. This piece is not so much about the suffering of the Mother of God but the suffering of mothers in general. The starting point of the music is the loss of a child and the feelings this causes to the mother:  pain, anger, despair and finally acceptance. Whether a mother loses a child due to illness, hunger, an accident or a war situation; the suffering is universal. Unfortunately the events in 2015 and 2016 illustrate the relevance: both fanatic Syrian fighters killed in Syria and Iraq (or Paris and Brussels), as the innocent victims of attacks such as those in Paris, Brussels and throughout the Middle East, the young refugees who drowned during the hazardous crossing of the Mediterranean as well as the soldiers and police officers who were killed, they all have family that is left orphaned.

The Stabat Mater is an oratorio for orchestra, percussion, choir and two soloists (soprano and mezzo-soprano). The soloists are Hilde Coppé and Inez Carsaw, the orchestra Arc-en-Ciel  (prepared by Tom Deneckere) and the choir Amici Cantantes under the direction of Florian Heyerick.  The evening started with a performance of four orchestral songs based on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, for high voice.

Click here to listen to the last 2 minutes of the Stabat Mater; life recording of 16 April 2016.

You can take a look at the orchestral score as well.

CD can be ordered via the 'CD tab' or 'Contact tab' on this website!