Concert programme of Saturday 14 October 2017, Groenzaal, Ghent.

1. World Creation: Violin Concerto in D Major of Stefaan Vanheertum (2017) 32 min. Opus 11 No. 1

The idea of writing a violin concerto dates back to the beginning of 2016 when Stefaan Vanheertum asked violinist Siewald Degraeve, a very talented young violinist, whether he was willing to create a violin concerto written for & dedicated to him. Siewald answered positively.

The concerto consists of 4 parts: a mysterious beginning, an intensive lyrical second part, a scherzo (but not without grandeur) as the third part and a swirling final part (in 11/8 !!) .... The violin gets the main role and can show off in virtuoso passages, but the pronounced contribution of the percussion is also obvious.

2. Elegie for strings by Stefaan Vanheertum (2002) 15 min. Opus 7 No. 1

Subtitle: "9h02min07sec", an Elegie in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 in New York.

The subtitle of the work refers to an exact time: September 11, 2001, a sunny summer day downtown New York. At 9h am, 02 min and 7 seconds a man answers a phone call from his daughter. His daughter is already at work in one of the two WTC towers. She tells her father how the tower next to her has just been hit by a plane attack. She assures her father that she is unharmed. The two say goodbye and the phone call ends. One minute later, the second plane crashes in the second WTC tower. His daughter is at a much higher floor than where the plane hits the second tower and she doesn’t stand a chance. The mobile phone contact was the last conversation between father and daughter. The story of this conversation is told by the father on American television, three days after the attacks. Like so many others in the aftermath of the attacks, he shows a picture of her and is looking for her relentlessly.

In this music, serenity matches anger, sadness neighbors victory, despair meets ultimate acceptance. The music refers to the American minimalist and repetitive music. This Elegie commemorates all victims of the 9/11 attacks.

3. Suite Concertante for orchestra by Norbert Rosseau's (1907-1975) 18 min.

The Suite Concertante was written in 1936 in neoclassical style. It is a fine and accessible work in French renaissance dance style with atonal and serial elements. Norbert Rosseau is Gentian and famous violinist / composer.

The concert is also a homage to this versatile musician.

tickets can be ordered via mail: stefaan.vanheertum@telenet.be at 15 euro per piece.


The Stabat Mater CD is now available

On Saturday, April 16th 2016 the new Stabat Mater composed by Stefaan Vanheertum was created and recorded.
The Stabat Mater uses the Latin text but projects it to the present. This piece is not so much about the suffering of the Mother of God but the suffering of mothers in general. The starting point of the music is the loss of a child and the feelings this causes to the mother:  pain, anger, despair and finally acceptance. Whether a mother loses a child due to illness, hunger, an accident or a war situation; the suffering is universal. Unfortunately the events in 2015 and 2016 illustrate the relevance: both fanatic Syrian fighters killed in Syria and Iraq (or Paris and Brussels), as the innocent victims of attacks such as those in Paris, Brussels and throughout the Middle East, the young refugees who drowned during the hazardous crossing of the Mediterranean as well as the soldiers and police officers who were killed, they all have family that is left orphaned.
The Stabat Mater is an oratorio for orchestra, percussion, choir and two soloists (soprano and mezzo-soprano). The soloists are Hilde Coppé and Inez Carsaw, the orchestra Arc-en-Ciel  (prepared by Tom Deneckere) and the choir Amici Cantantes under the direction of Florian Heyerick.  The evening started with a performance of four 
orchestral songs based on
 poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, for high voice.

Click here to listen to the last 2 minutes of the Stabat Mater; life recording of 16 April 2016.

You can take a look at the orchestral score as well.

CD can be ordered via the 'CD tab' or 'Contact tab' on this website!