Music is emotion

Year of release: 2013

Track info

Nebling suite -1998- (Opus 5 nr2); Recording November 16, 2013 "The Nebling Suite ": Suite for oboe and string orchestra , performed by " Arc-en-ciel " (strings) and Elisabeth Schollaert ( oboe ), conducted by Tom Deneckere.

Huldegedicht aan Singer, text by Paul Van Ostaijen -2008- (Opus 9 nr1); Recording November 16, 2013 “Tribute Poem to Singer”: a poem by Van Ostaijen.

“Gran Partita” for flute and piano -1997- (Opus 4 nr 3) part 1 and 2; Recording October 22, 2006 Performed by pianist Masianna Kozireva and flutist Isabel Alonso Morillo. A capella choral work, text R.M.Rilke -2012- (Opus 9 nr 5); Recording November 22, 2013

A cappella choral work (SSATB) on a text by R.M.Rilke, performed by " Vivente Voce " directed by Jeroen Keymeulen. This work is dedicated to Vivente Voce.

Elegy for victims of 9/11 “09h02min07 sec -2002- (Opus 7 nr1); Recording November 16, 2013 "9h02min07sec", an elegy in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 performed by string orchestra "Arc-en-ciel" directed by Tom Deneckere.

Muziek is Emoitie hoes