Suoni Celesti

Dear friends,

I am proud to announce the next concert where my music will be created. This event will take place on Saturday September 10, 8 pm in the St Pauluskerk in Ghent, Belgium.

“Suoni Celesti”

“Celestial sounds” will combine works for voices (solo and/or in different choir formations) with pure instrumental music. The following works will be created by professional singers and musicians:

  • Three works based on the Christian rite: Lux Eterna (a capella version and one with string accompaniment), O Magnum Mysterium and Agnus Dei.
  • A song on a text by Edgar Allan Poe: “Spirits of the dead”. A text with which the vocal soloist, Joris Derder, has a personal link.
  • Another one on a text by Pablo Neruda: “Ode al tomate”, a mischievous text, the musical setting is parodying opera..….
  • 'Once upon a time there was water' based on a poem by the Flemish poet Peter Verhelst, written as an indictment of the way we are dealing with refugees. The poem was written in response to the shocking photo (2015) of a young kid (Alan Kurdi) that drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during a crossing.
  • 'Mother Earth' song is based on a poem written by Nadine Anne Hura, a writer from New Zealand, at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020. In her text, she combines the corona pandemic situation with the climate crisis. The text was intensively shared on Facebook in 2020.
  • In addition there will be the world creation of a new harpsichord concerto (the work was selected as semifinalist in the “Caleidoscope call for works 2020, University of Los Angeles”) and various other pieces for string orchestra.

The performers include the “Ghent Singers”: 16 professional singers brought together by Jolien De Gendt, conducted by Joris Derder and the “Ataneres Ensemble”, a string ensemble assembled by Wim Spaepen, conducted by Tom Deneckere. Dimos de Beun will create the harpsichord concerto and will accompany some of the choral pieces on piano.

The entrance fee of €18 (pre-sale, 20€ the day of the concert) includes not only a fantastic concert but also a drink at the reception afterwards. As all the works will be professionally recorded the week before, so you can subscribe to the CD’s at an introductory price after the concert. Tickets can be ordered through email to stefaan.vanheertum@telenet.be.

Hope to see you at this interesting concert!

Best regards,

Stefaan Vanheertum