New CD for sale: Cordes & Cuivres

This new CD contains chamber music for a classical wind quintet, a string quartet and a piano trio (piano, violin and saxophone).
On the right of this page, you can listen to some excerpts of this CD, via my soundcloud page.

  • The wind quintet “Rik Wouters suite”. This idea originated visiting the Rik Wouters’ retrospective exhibition in Brussels in 2017. I was struck by the optimism of the works and their colours. The radiant light in Wouters' works is reflected in the lightness of the music. The music expands on the fin-du-siècle classical wind quintet, resulting in a lush and voluptuous musical language. I chose three paintings and two sculptures (“Het zotte geweld" is of course one of them!).
  • In four movements, the string quartet explores extremes of emotions, sometimes overwhelming and exuberant, sometimes fragile, but always sensitive.
  • The playful "the 4 seasons, what again !!" is an evocation on the four seasons. Title and subtitles reveal the way these works should be approached and performed: with a lot of panache as if it was a comic strip.

This cd can be ordered for 12€ (exclusive shipment costs, if applicable) via the contact tab on this website or via my email address (stefaan.vanheertum@telenet.be) or through facebook. Once you send us your order, we will ship the requested cd to your adress and provide payment details via email (payment via secured bankaccount transfer).

Le Canari et la Cerise is for sale @ 12 euro. To order via contact tab or email: stefaan.vanheertum@telenet.be

Lieder CD; songs composed by Stefaan Vanheertum for solo voices and piano

On the right of this page, you can listen to excerpts of this CD, via my soundcloud page.

This recording includes all the songs for voice and piano I have written up to now. It spans a period of 30 years of creative work and illustrates the evolution of my musical writing, expression and style…..I was privileged to work with outstanding performers. This CD therefore presents my work under the best possible conditions.

Many thanks to the exquisite performers Hilde Coppé (soprano), Inez Carsauw (mezzo-sopran), Jan van Elsacker (tenor), Guy Penson (piano). Professional recording and the mastering was excellently done by Michaël Penson, artwork by Katrien Blontrock.

The Stabat Mater CD is still available @ 8 euro

The Stabat Mater uses the Latin text but projects it to the present. This piece is not so much about the suffering of the Mother of God but the suffering of mothers in general. The starting point of the music is the loss of a child and the feelings this causes to the mother:  pain, anger, despair and finally acceptance.

The Stabat Mater is an oratorio for orchestra, percussion, choir and two soloists (soprano and mezzo-soprano). The soloists are Hilde Coppé and Inez Carsaw, the orchestra Arc-en-Ciel  (prepared by Tom Deneckere) and the choir Amici Cantantes under the direction of Florian Heyerick.  The evening started with a performance of four orchestral songs based on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, for high voice.

Click here to listen to the last 2 minutes of the Stabat Mater; life recording of 16 April 2016.

You can take a look at the orchestral score as well.

CD can be ordered via the "Contact" page on this website!