Instrumental Music

Year of release: 2023

Track info

This professionally recorded CD contains instrumental music for string orchestra with harpsicord soloist.

Some selected explanation and background information on the compositions:

  • Harpsichord concerto (2020) A new harpsichord concerto in three parts. This work was selected for the semi-finals of the “Kaleidoscope call for works 2020”, called for by the University of Los Angeles”.
  • Divertimento for strings (2022) : is actually a relaxed distraction, a pleasant walk, in short a divertimento….
  • Per Ellie: divertimento de speranza e amore (2020) This work was written on the occasion of the (early) birth in May 2020 of our first granddaughter Ellie in the middle of the first covid-19 lockdown. The music starts off hesitantly and vulnerable, but eventually an ode to life bursts open and the composition ends full of expectation.
  • Adagietto for strings (2020) A short piece for strings.
  • Lux Aeterna (choir SATB and strings, 2020) is a work in which the mystery of the eternal life (light) is evoked but also questioned.
  • 09h02’07” or the “Elegy for the victims of 9/11” (string orchestra 2002) Ode to the victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York in 2001. Concert recording of November 2013. The title of the work refers to a precise time indication: a sunny late summer day downtown New York . At 9am , 02 minutes and 7 seconds, a man answers a call from his daughter. She calls on her cell phone. It is September 11, 2001 and at that time his daughter is already at work in one of the two WTC towers . She tells how the tower neighboring the one she works in was hit by a plane . She assures her father that she is okay and they say goodbye. One minute after the call ends the second plane slams into the WTC tower. She is at a level far above the point of impact and does not stand a chance. The phone call was the last contact between father and daughter. This story was told by the father on the American television, three days after the attacks. Like many others in the aftermath of the attack, he shows a picture of her and is desperately looking for her.
    At the time of the attacks, I was in the U.S. myself ( New York State not in New York city). The period immediately after the attacks was very strange. Ordinary life was paralyzed for days and everyone was in chock, watching television for hours every day. It became clear later that, for the first time in history,  the mobile phone played a crucial role in many ways. Not only because there were many mobile contacts between the terrorists themselves, but also between victims and family members. Especially the many farewell conversations between relatives and loved ones, are moving. The ultimate example is the fact that the fourth hijacked plane, on its way to the White House, crashed after passengers were informed via mobile phones about what was happening and took their destiny into their own hands.
    September 11, 2001 marked the new era of communication possibilities. This piece of music evokes serenity but also anger, sadness and triumph, disbelief, despair and finally acceptance . The music refers to the American minimalist and repetitive music . This elegy is dedicated to all the victims of the attacks of 9/11.


Ataneres Ensemble (track 1-7) / Arc-en-ciel (track 8) conducted by Tom Deneckere
Ghent Singers (track 7) conducted by Joris Derder
Soloist Dimos De Beun (harpsicord)

You can find further information about all performers on the world wide web.

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Instrumental Music